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Veszprém senior women have joined the programme ’On Queen’s Land

Porga Gyula, the mayor of Veszprém, who took part on this meeting, drew up the most important goals of the event. As he said the womenhood, the female values are present for a long time, and this is a virtue other towns do not have. Built on this the local communities can enrich the programme.

After this, programme coordinator, Réka Héthelyi presented the elements of the event, to which the participants could contribute with further ideas.

During the conversation the Veszprém senior women found the connective points in no time through which they can be part of the programme and can contribute to its success. Generational ball, series of presentation of destiny of Veszprém women and local history were among the ideas.

The gathering was moderated by Piroska Győri, who is responsible for the contact with seniorgroups, the participants are members of VENÖKE, ’Fagyöngy’ Association and Veszprém Pensioners Protection of Interests Association.