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’On Queen’s Land’ event series has been launched in Veszprém, the goal of which is to show the capital lettered ’Veszprém Woman’ in a wide circle and those hidden values of women that form the county centre cultural and public life throughout the centuries and nowadays. The event series, that is realised and supported by the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture, is planning thematic programmes until the end of year 2023, in which culture, community building, fulfillment of various female roles are involved, as well as local history and gastronomy.

Veszprém is showing the picture of a versatile, creative, stylish town which is always on the move, being mainly driven by female energy being present for centuries. But at the same time there has been no precedent essentially introducing the diversity with which women have been and are contributing to stregthen the ’Veszprém feeling’. – This is the concept behind the ’On Queen’s Land’ programme, in which Veszprém women, mostly civilians, mental hygenic specialists, entrepreneurs, artists, mothers and housewives joined forces to give a bigger attention to the diversity of female roles and their value-creating power. Not being built on professional organisers, the attention needs to be focused on community development and volunteer work.

The programme has been found to find the answer why Veszprém women are different than women living in other towns and in what ways their Veszprém spirit is different. Evaluating the life situations that seem like general female roles, but are unique and Veszprém-like. The female roles will be combined with the Veszprém style sings.

In the future On Queen’s Land will appear on more events in the town through various interactive and educational presentations and workshops. Besides several own programmes are prepared in 2022 and 2023, local historical exhibition, gastroyard, family days, conferences and workshops among others.

Building on community participation is important part of the realisation of the project. We would like to build a project that is realised through public development. Hopefully the workshops, community actions create a base for the development of a busy circle or group.

The peak of the series will be autumm 2023, the Veszprém Women’s Week will be organised, when all attention will be directed on Veszprém womenhood, the value creating work of Veszprém women. The event will make possible to present the results achieved and the essence of community development.

On Queen’s Land programme is called to life thanks to the support of Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme Complex Cultural-Artistic projects.