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On Queen’s Land playhouse achieved big success during Street Music Festival

After the May jubilee concert of Gizella Womens Choir this was the second occassion of On Queen’s Land team to organise communal programme, where children have been entertained by Csa-Ládika Playhouse, Three Kings and Three Queens Movement and Kukkantó Friendly Circle Association. During the playhouse the project organisers have been collecting ideas together with the parents to make the project more colourful in the future.

The goal of the team is that more participants find their places in this initiative that started from the bottom and to introduce the many-sided ’Veszprém Woman’. According to the organisers the feedback was positive and the new perspectives refined the picture formed so far.

During the Street Music Festival ’Cigar room’ accompanying event has debuted. A club has been organised especially for Veszprém men in downtown ’Utas és Holdvilág’ Antique store, where men could discuss subjects related to Veszprém in a cozy environment. How do they see the town? What strengths do Veszprém residents have? What are Veszprém people like? Porga Gyula Veszprém mayor has also attended the discusssion.